About Downtown Gym

Building a healthier community for over 25 years

Owner Dan Troiano founded Downtown Gym in 1994, to help people begin, build upon and maintain their fitness goals. As an ex-Marine, Dan decided to become a personal trainer in 1993 when he discovered his joy in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Dan has provided his clients and members with guidance on proper nutrition, how to maintain a strong mental focus and development of an appropriate exercise schedule.

Downtown Gym offers members a safe and welcoming state-of-the-art facility equipped with easy and useful equipment to help target every part of your body. The gym is open 24/7, to cater to you and your busy schedule. Each client and member comes here for a different reason. I will listen and give you the best advice based on what you want in terms of a healthier lifestyle, should you need help.

Downtown Gym, Knoxville, TN.

Learn more about what Downtown Gym can do for you to improve your overall health! Contact us at 865-556-7318